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Eugene Kingman (1909-1975) was a truly exceptional, amazing artist during the “New Deal” era, as well as a museum director later during his life. Below is an informative link about the life and career of this  immensely creative and gifted person…







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Major Works


This site is designed to honor Eugene Kingman’s legacy and highly creative artistic gifts. Below are some of his major works. Click on the “COMMISSIONS” link to find out more details about each of these commissioned projects . Additional information about him, plus images of his artwork, will be coming soon.


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC   – A fascinating article and 13 images of Eugene Kingman’s oil paintings in this 1937 issue of National Geographic Magazine, featuring both Yosemite  and Crater Lake National Parks.

Dad Painting


NEW YORK TIMES MURALA special mural which Eugene Kingman painted in 1948 and was displayed in the New York Times lobby for a number of years, has been donated and shipped to the Joslyn Castle in Omaha Nebraska. A front page article was published in the Omaha World Herald.


MURALS IN U.S. POST OFFICES - Eugene Kingman won a major commission sponsored by the United States Treasury Art Project to create murals at three U.S. Post Offices. This was part of the Nation’s WPA New Deal Artists Program to encourage promising talent to create art in public builedings and other community venues.

A Celebrated Artist’s Tribute to the Great Prairie-Plains of Mid 20th Century Nebraska


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