This page describes in more detail external resources related to Eugene Kingman’s artwork.

  • Treasured Landscapes Online Exhibit – by Joan Bacharach, National Park Service Senior Curator, in celebration of the 2016 National Park Service Centennial. A companion book, which compliments this online exhibit of the National Park Service’s art collections that tell America’s stories about its national parks. Four of Eugene Kingman’s paintings are included in both this exhibit and the Treasured Landscapes book.
  • A Century of Design in the Parks Symposium – Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 21-23, 2016 – A poster to celebrate the National Park Service Centennial, featuring seven of Eugene Kingman’s paintings of major national parks sent to the 1931 Paris Expo.
  • Painters of the Plains – In 1954 Eugene Kingman was invited to write an article in the first issue of American Heritage Magazine about how the plains influenced painters in the Midwest.
  • NYT229.01 1960sNYT229.01 1940sPainted in Omaha, Now Back Home. A New York Times in-house article (by permission from reporter David Dunlap), 2014 regarding the mural which Eugene Kingman painted in 1948 and was displayed inside the New York Times lobby for a number of years until the building was relocated. Now this mural has been donated to the Joslyn Castle Trust in Omaha, NE for restoration and display.
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    Kingman/New York Times Mural in Omaha

Photo credit: New York Times